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2018 Conference

2018 Conference

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure’s 14th annual conference for PSC patients and caregivers was held in Sacramento, California from June 22-24, 2018  at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel in conjunction with the UC Davis Medical Center.

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Conference agenda
Detailed speaker biographies
Friday Sessions (with presentations)
Saturday General Sessions (with presentations & video)
Sunday Peer Group Sessions and Wrapup

Thank you to Dr. Christopher Bowlus at the University of California Davis Medical Center for assembling the excellent speakers who broadened our perspectives and understanding of PSC. Our special thanks to the UC Davis Medical Center and all our conference sponsors.  We thank all the members of our community who generously donated their time and funds to the PSC Partners Seeking a Cure organization.

Photograph acknowledgements to Rachel Gomel, Benjamin Hatchett, and Steve Hatchett!

Pre-Conference Activities

Friday, June 22

Friday Morning General Session
Misha Ruth Cohen, OMD Integrated Chinese Medicine and PSC: Accessing the Best of East and West
(71 MB)
Friday Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Basics of PSC (5.7 MB) Christopher Bowlus, MD
Pre-Transplant Considerations: When and Where to Consider Liver Transplant Evaluation for PSC  (4.8 MB) Kidist K. Yimam, MD
PSC in Kids: The Medical Side of Pediatric PSC (2.5 MB) & Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Care Slides (0.8MB)   Patient Story (0.1MB) Sunpreet Kaur, MD
Dishad Kassam-Lallani, BDN
T’ai Chi Chih for PSC Patients and Caregivers Cindy Dunn, FNAO, Certified Instructor
Navigating Medical Insurance
Sheppard (0.4 MB)
Oates (0.1 MB)
Christina Sheppard,
Transplant Financial Coordinator
Randy Oates, COO (Ret) Iron Health & PSC Patient
Every Question is Fair Game:
Panel of Young Adult PSCers
Answer Your Questions
Moderator: Britt Moore, PSC Patient
Panelists: Lindsey Nanz, Travis Stoltzfus
Young Adult PSC Patients
Managing Complications of Cirrhosis (0.6 MB) Marion Peters, MD
PSC Caregivers: The Stresses and Rewards of Being a Caregiver (0.4MB) Moderator: Jerome Schofferman, MD, Post-Transplant PSC Patient
Panelists: Mary Vyas, Jane Weyer, Sheila Finnerty, Wes
Hendrix, PSC Caregivers
Clinical Trials: The ABCs of What They Are and Why They Are Important (6.2 MB) Lisa Pedicone, PhD, and Parent of a PSCer
IBD and PSC (2.0 MB) Jesse Stondell, MD, Assistant Professor, Division of
Gastroenterology and Hepatology, UC Davis School of
Medical Information: What and Whom Do I Trust Sam Siegel, MD  and Samantha Siegel, MD
Bone Health and PSC Nancy Lane, MD
Interpreting Your Test Results Christopher Bowlus, MD
Post-Transplant Management, Complications and Outcomes in PSC (2.0 MB) Kidist K. Yimam, MD
Q & A Session: Everything You Want to Ask About the Transplant Experience Moderator: Richard Ayuen, Live Donor, Parent of PSCer.  Panelists: Tawny Blum, Christer Hiort, Serbrina Vasquez, Post-Transplant PSC Patients and Sharon Nanz, Parent of Post-Transplant PSC Patient
Raising Kids with PSC: The Social Side (2.0MB) Vincent S. Fong, LCSW, UC Davis School of Medicine.  Panelists: Trish Stoltzfus, Parent of PSCer and Aly Dubrovsky, Joe Hatchett, Young Adult PSCers
The Six Paths to Mindfulness
(Caring for You Track)
Michael Dunn, OD, Optometrist
Teen Q&A: Every Question is Fair
Game (For Teens Only)
Sunpreet Kaur, MD
Financial Planning for PSC Families to Stay on Track: Managing Financial Risk Stu Barnett, Certified Financial Planner and PSC Patient
PSC Patients: The Psychological and Psychosocial Stress that Might Arise from Chronic Illness (0.5 MB) Moderator: Jerome Schofferman, MD, Post-Transplant PSC Patient.  Panelists: Fred Sabernick, Linda Waters, Rick Seifert, Heather Whiteman, PSC Patients
The Intersection of Women’s Health and Liver Disease (5.0 MB) Monika Sarkar, MD, and Monika Aldarondo, Post-Transplant PSC Patient, Host of PSC Mami Podcast
Cholangiocarcinoma (20 MB) Steven Colquhoun, MD
Imaging Tests for PSC (13 MB) James Tabibian, MD
Couples Coping with PSC Moderator: Monica Crowley, PSC Caregiver.  Panelists: Richard and Jeanne Heys, Willie and Raquel McKinney
Friday Welcome Dinner

Saturday June 23

General Session I
Moderator Kidist K. Yimam, MD
James Tabibian,
The Microbiome in PSC: Hope or Hype
Watch Video    Download Slides  (6.0 MB)
Valentina Medici,
Diets and Nutrients in PSC
Watch Video    Download Slides  (1.0 MB)
Christopher Bowlus, MD
Aparna Goel, MD
Ursodiol Therapy for PSC: Point/Counterpoint
Watch Video   Download Slides Bowlus (3.0 MB)
Download Slides Goel (2.0 MB)
Yinka Davis, MD
James Tabibian, MD
Oral Vancomycin Therapy for PSC: Point/Counterpoint
Watch Video    Download Slides Davies (2.0 MB)
Download Slides Tabibian (0.2 MB)
Tabibian, Medici, Bowlus,
Goel, Davies
Question and Answer – Panel Discussion
Watch Video
General Session II
Moderator Christopher Bowlus, MD
Marion Peters, MD Practical Approaches to Alleviating Your PSC Symptoms
Watch Video    Download Slides  (0.7 MB)
Aparna Goel, MD Can We Predict the Future of Your PSC Progression?
Watch Video    Download Slides (1.0 MB)
Jennifer Guy, MD Liver Transplant for Patients with PSC
Watch Video    Download Slides  (3.0 MB)
Peters, Goel, Guy Question and Answer – Panel Discussion
Watch Video
General Session III
Moderator James Tabibian, MD
Christopher Bowlus, MD PSC Partners Supported Research and Current Trends in PSC Research
Watch Video    Download Slides (44 MB)
Veronica Miller, PhD The PSC Forum: Updates and Future Directions
Watch Video    Download Slides (2.0 MB)
Bilal Hameed, MD Drugs in Development for PSC
Watch Video    Download Slides (9.0 MB)
Natesh Parashurama
Current State of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine Research for PSC
Watch Video    Download Slides (97 MB)
Bowlus, Miller,
Hameed, Parashurama
Question and Answer – Panel Discussion
Watch Video
Saturday Evening: Dinner Luau & Photo Booth
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Sunday June 24

Peer Groups, Feedback, and Wrap Up
Thanks to all that made the 2018 Conference a huge success!

2019 Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce that PSC Partners Seeking a Cure’s 15th annual conference for PSC patients and caregivers will take place in Rochester, Minnesota from June 21-23, 2019. The conference will be held in partnership with the Mayo Clinc. Check back at for more details!