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Awareness Week

Awareness Week

Educate Yourself and Others About PSC
Share PSC Information with your Network (and do fun PSC Puzzles!)
Watch ‘behind’ the scenes interviews with PSC Experts
Read Stories from Patients and Caregivers

Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) is a chronic, progressive and devastating autoimmune disease of the bile ducts that often leads to liver failure and the need for a liver transplant. Affecting thousands of people worldwide, PSC can strike anyone out of nowhere. The growing numbers of cases highlight the need for treatments and a desperately needed cure.

We’ve Come a Long Way
Momentum Toward Finding a Cure is Building

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Educate Yourself and Others About Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

Please VIEW these videos and SHARE them to help bring awareness and understanding of this devastating disease.  Whether you are a PSCer, friend, family member or health professional, you can help us spread the word!

See more educational material including downloadable brochures by using the main menu above. Hover over the “Patients & Caregivers” text then select items from the “Education” sub-block as shown in the image below.

Share Information with Your Network

There are many ways to increase awareness for PSC. Help others become #PSCaware by learning how you can spread the word.

Learn more about the registry
Change your social media profiles using Twibbon !
Twibbon Instructions
Replace your social media profile/cover photos with the PSC Awareness Logo!
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Participate in our Story Contest: Share your story on Facebook or with us via email! Have a game party: Gather your friends and solve these PSC word jumbles and searches
Take brochures to your local GI or hepatology clinics and share on social media or email us to let us know you shared them! Share our PSC Awareness Week page or select videos with friends and family! Do a science project on PSC: Contact us us for helpful resouces (videos, images, research, etc.)  See if your classmates can conquer the the word jumble afterwards.  Send us a picture of your display or with classmates!
Tweet something about PSC to your network!   Share this picture with your network! Wear your PSC flair everywhere to promote awareness!
 Show off your scar(s) to a stranger or trusted colleague!   Write a poem or sing a song about PSC and share it on social media or send via email .  See this example by Rex S.! Share a picture to show that while you have PSC, PSC does not have you!
 Say thank you to groups that are helping folks with PSC this week!   Complete this questionnaire: “30 Things About My PSC You May Not Know“.  Share the results with your social media network.  The list can be completed by patients, caregivers, friends or relatives! [PDF Version]

Watch “behind the scenes” interviews with Experts


Read Stories from Patients and Caregivers

Click on each photo to read a story from a PSC patient or caregiver!
Amanda’s Story

Annette’s Story

David’s Story
Heather’s Story Jennifer and Kyle’s Story Laura’s Story
Sandi’s Story Tawny’s Story