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PSC Partners Seeking a Cure


6th of July 2017

Research Update:  Announcing the 2017 PSC Partners 2017 Grant Awardees

Every year, on the recommendation of the Scientific/Medical Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors, PSC Partners Seeking a Cure funds the most promising research projects in leading PSC institutions worldwide. We are excited to announce that in 2017, PSC Partners will award six grants and our Canadian affiliate will award one grant, for a […]

20th of June 2017

PSC Partners Announces Formation of the PSC Forum

PSC Partners is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Forum for Collaborative Research called the PSC Forum. The forum is the same group that was instrumental in finding effective treatments for both Hep C and HIV and we are tremendously excited that they have now chosen to focus their efforts on PSC. Founded in 1997, as […]

19th of May 2017

PSC Research Conversation with Dr. Manns and Dr. Gideon Hirschfield from ILC2017

In this videotaped conversation, Dr. Michael Manns (Medical School of Hannover, Germany​) ​and Dr. Gideon Hirschfield (University of Birmingham, UK)​ discuss what they perceived to be the best presentations in autoimmune hepatitis (AIH)​, primary biliary cholangitis (​PBC)​, primary sclerosing cholangitis (​PSC)​ and secondary sclerosing cholangitis (SSC, ​the newcomer on the block) at the International Liver […]

2nd of May 2017

PSC Partners statement on MacArthur amendment proposal to AHCA

Dear PSC Community, PSC Partners has been closely watching congressional health care reform efforts and how they may impact people diagnosed with PSC. As part of our mission, PSC Partners provides education and support to PSC patients, families and caregivers and we think it is important for our community to be aware of the various […]

21st of March 2017 Commentary on PSC & PBC

March 20, 2017:, an in-depth specialty clinical information website, has featured a guest commentary distinguishing between PSC and PBC following PBC’s name change to Primary Biliary Cholangitis. The commentary was co-authored by Ricky Safer, CEO of PSC Partners, and Martine Walmsley, Chair of Trustees for PSC Support, and highlights the importance of understanding the […]

Writing: A Lifeline, by Laura Bradbury

As you may know, two years ago life served me up my mid-life crisis on a platter. It came in the form of a phone call from an insurance company who had just performed medical exams on Franck and I for life and disability insurance. “Ms. Bradbury?” the woman said. “I’m calling to inform you […]

16th of March 2017

From a Grandmother With PSC

Why me?  Unlike most of you who post on our PSC Closed Facebook group, I am not a young parent nor a millennial. I am a sixty-six-year-old grandmother. Until November 2015, I had been enjoying life as a retired special education teacher who was also (and still is) working part-time as a registered nurse. With […]

10th of March 2017

The voice of the PSC community is important

Dear PSC Community, Access to affordable, high quality health care is essential for patients and families experiencing PSC. Like everyone, PSC Partners has been closely watching congressional health care reform efforts and how they may impact people diagnosed with PSC. We understand that this is a complex issue. Regardless of the many differing opinions on […]

25th of January 2017

Pregnancy and PSC

I expected to cry when my son was born. I didn’t cry when they placed him on my chest, when we spoke his name for the first time, or when he cried. Three days later the tears came. They were tears that cleansed years of disappointment, fear, frustrations, and mourning. They were tears that broke […]

24th of January 2017

PSC and PBC Patient Meeting Held at University of California Davis

PSC and PBC Patient Meeting Held at University of California Davis On January 21, an informational meeting for PSC and PBC patients was held at the University of California Davis. This patient meeting was hosted by Dr. Christopher Bowlus, and focused on the basics of PSC and PBC, as well as current treatment options and clinical […]