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PSC Partners Seeking a Cure


16th of April 2016

2013 Grant – Final Report from Dr. Romina Fiorotto, Yale University

Each year  on the recommendation of the Scientific/Medical Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors, PSC Partners Seeking a Cure chooses the most promising research projects to support. In 2013, Dr. Romina Fiorotto of Yale University received a two-year $60,000 grant to study the possible reasons for the progression of bile duct damage in PSC.  Read the final […]

4th of April 2016

PSC Medication Tetris

Ok, I’m stubborn.  I play PSC Medication Tetris every week.  You remember Tetris, the computer game where you fit various shapes and try to fill all the empty spaces … Several years ago when my post-transplant medicines were sufficiently reduced I purchased a compact – and cheap – 7 day pill caddy.  Using this compact container […]