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Conference Hosting Guidelines

Conference Hosting Guidelines

Because we are a mostly volunteer group, PSC Partners counts on its supporters to co-chair its annual conferences. If you’d like to step up and co-chair the annual event, this is where to start.

We’re eager to start planning for our next conference, but before the board makes a decision about the location for the conference, we’d like to consider your suggestions.

If you are interested in hosting the conference, please complete the Conference Host Proposal form below.

We’d like to have all hosting forms returned to us by October 15, 2020, so that the board can choose the venue for 2022 and announce it at our 2021 conference. If you have any questions, please write to us at

Conference Host Proposal

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Thanks for submitting your city as a possible venue. We appreciate your input.

Personal Stories

“. . .the most rewarding experience. . .”

All I can say is that it was the most rewarding task/experience I have ever taken on. I will always remember how many attendees we touched here in Pittsburgh and what a wonderful weekend it was.

Joanne G., 2006 Conference Co-Chair

Why We Wanted to Co-Chair a PSC Conference

We wanted to sponsor a conference for multiple reasons:

  • No conference had been held in the northeast. We felt the need to spread the PSC message in the New York to Boston corridor.
  • We wanted to give something back to PSC Partners Seeking a Cure.
  • We had access to a distinguished roster of experts from a world-renowned medical center.

Yale Medical School and Yale New Haven Hospital began a serious effort to add a liver component to its transplant center in 2006. Its leaders were, and still are, committed to an open dialogue with lay people concerned about liver disease. This attitude made it easy for us to interface with the experts and obtain commitments to support the conference.

A little background: We are among the few veteran conference goers who attended the first conference in 2005 and all the ones since. Our son, Jecy, 31, was diagnosed with PSC and ulcerative colitis in 1996, and he began attending conferences in 2007. He has assisted in reaching out to the under-40 PSCers, greatly expanding their participation. With the ulcerative colitis under control we began the search to find out what this PSC thing was all about. We turned to the Connecticut Chapter of the American Liver Foundation (ALF) for information, and increased our volunteerism as knowledge and comfort levels grew. Reggie is the current president of the chapter.

Web searching for more PSC-specific information brought us to PSC Partners Seeking a Cure about two weeks before the 2005 conference, so off we flew to Denver. What we learned there gave us courage, comfort and knowledge to confront our son’s condition. When Joanne Grieme co-chaired the 2006 conference in Pittsburgh the light bulb came on. “Gee, maybe we can do that too.”

In 2007 Reggie approached doctors in the Yale Department of Digestive Diseases with the idea of hosting a conference. The group formed a Steering Committee in the fall of 2008 to write a proposal for the 2010 conference. This proposal was submitted in January 2009 to PSC Partners and approved in May. The conference will be the culmination of a three-year collaborative project.

Reggie & Jeff B.,
Co-Chairs 2010 PSC Conference, Hartford, CT

“. . . a pleasure and a privilege”

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to host the PSC Partners conference in Chicago. After attending my first conference in Denver in 2007, I experienced just how powerful this event can be for a new member. There, I learned that knowledge is power and felt validated by others with shared concerns. So, I was overjoyed to have the chance to pay-it-forward in Chicago. It’s a tremendous feeling to help bring together these motivated people who put their collective passion for research and advocacy into action. We wanted to share that sense of hopefulness and purpose with the new attendees who joined us from all over the world.

This year, we were particularly excited to showcase the medical resources at Northwestern and the many attractions in downtown Chicago. If you are considering hosting the conference in your town, it is worthwhile to work closely with physicians, promote your city, and serve this exceptional group. Working with Ricky to plan this meeting was a pleasure and a privilege- thank you for entrusting me with such a special event!

Becky L., 2009 Conference Co-Chair, Chicago