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Living With PSC Episode 12 – John Crowley – Living Donor Transplant Recipient

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure is pleased to present Living With PSC, a podcast moderated by Niall McKay. Each month, this podcast will explore the latest research and knowledge about PSC. From patient stories, to the latest research updates from PSC experts, to collaborations that are necessary to find better treatments and a cure, this podcast has it all!

In the 12th episode of Living with PSC, Niall McKay discusses living donor liver transplants and PSC with John Crowley, whose brother was his living donor.


Check out this episode!

6 thoughts on “Living With PSC Episode 12 – John Crowley – Living Donor Transplant Recipient”

  1. Karen Telleen-Lawton says:

    So great. Thank you for sharing. Good for a mom of PSCer to hear.

  2. Przemyslaw Hejmej says:

    Hello, I am Polish, father of 26-year-old son, who suffers from PSC and ulcerative colitis. He’s been sick for 8 years now and has been lately qualified for liver transplantation. I am looking for any possible help both in Poland and abroad. I find very interesting the information about a living donor. If I could, I would gladly and immediately give my liver to my beloved son. I will be very grateful for some more detailed info on the subject. Thank you. Best regards.

  3. Przemyslaw Hejmej says:

    My name is Przemyslaw Hejmej. E-mail address: Cell phone: +48 607 22 42 01.

    1. Jen Chavez says:

      Hi, Przemyslaw. We have tried several times to reach you via the email address you provided. Our emails bounce back, including the ones we send as a reply to your email sent to We’d like to talk with you. If there is another way we can email you, let us know. You can also call us at 303-771-5227.

  4. gail pawellek says:

    I was diagnosed psc in 4/2018 then 73 yrs old coincidentally after gallbladder removal I am trying to learn as much as possible and to slow down when my body is screaming to rest. I was physically always pushing extremes whether cycling or hiking etc. and always fatigued the last 4 years since my first outbreak of shingles which reoccurred several times in a milder form. Not sure whether to go to conference this year. thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Priyanka says:

    Informative video about the psc

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