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Living With PSC Episode 8 – Dr. Heather Francis: Impact of URSO on PSC

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure is pleased to present Living With PSC, a podcast moderated by Niall McKay. Each month, this podcast will explore the latest research and knowledge about PSC. From patient stories, to the latest research updates from PSC experts, to collaborations that are necessary to find better treatments and a cure, this podcast has it all!

In the eighth episode of Living with PSC, Niall McKay discusses the influence of the medication Ursodiol (aka URSO and UDCA) on PSC, including the impact of combining it with antihistamines, with Dr. Heather Francis, PhD, associate professor at the Texas A & M College of Medicine and recipient of a PSC Partners research grant.



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2 thoughts on “Living With PSC Episode 8 – Dr. Heather Francis: Impact of URSO on PSC”

  1. Janine Erickson says:

    Thank you Dr. Francis for a very informative talk on URSO and how interaction of bile in the liver and intestines.

  2. Janice Drakes says:

    The anti histamine discovery is interesting. As a patient with Crohns, I noticed that when I took antihistamines my bowel function improved. I mentioned that to my GP who warned me it is dangerous to take antihistamine on a regular basis. But it has always been at the back of my mind.

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