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Organ Donation

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure

Organ Donation

Volunteer for Organ Donation Awareness

PSC Partners strongly supports organ donation and urges members to become involved in increasing awareness as well as the number of organ donations. Increased donations would help decrease time spent on the transplant waiting list. The national liver waiting list stands at more than 16,000— representing all causes of liver disease, not just PSC. About 6,000 liver transplant surgeries occur each year in this country.

Ninety percent of Americans say they support organ donation, but only 30 percent know how to become a donor, according to recent surveys.

Sign up to be a Donor

You can sign up at the DMV, online, etc. But make sure that your family is informed about your decision. Signing up alone doesn’t guarantee that your organs will be donated. State your wishes in writing and file it with your living will or advanced directives. If under 18, parental consent may be necessary. to Register as in organ donor in the United States, just click on the following link:

How You Can Help

After you sign up to be an organ donor and tell your family that’s what you want to do, there are many other ways to get involved in supporting organ donation awareness.

Nationally, annual events call attention to the issue. There are four times a year when organ donation is in the news and can be a springboard for events to encourage more people to sign up.

National Donor Sabbath

Contact the nearest transplant center and find out if they have programs or events that support organ donation and how you can assist them. Sometimes the centers and the local organ procurement organizations (OPOs) work together in training advocates, creating special events, and recognition ceremonies for donors and recipients.

Local liver support groups also may have programs that help increase the number of people who want to donate. Check with the American Liver Foundation and nearby hospitals.

Independent local groups also are active. Our board member Chris Klug, an Olympic award winning snowboarder, has a foundation that is specifically directed to encouraging organ donation and puts on events to raise awareness. His website is:

Below is a list of other national organizations that support organ donation and awareness. Check them out!