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Other PSC Conferences

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PSC Workshop with the FDA, AASLD, ACG, AGA and NASPGHAN

On March 3-4 2016 a two day workshop was held which provided a forum for discussion of issues related to PSC by academic specialists and researchers, industry, the FDA, representatives from the European Medical Authority (EMA) and other international regulatory agencies, and the patient community. The workshop included presentations and discussions on what is known about PSC, the definition, natural history and current therapeutic interventions for PSC, and also presentations and additional discussions of potential trial designs and endpoints, including surrogate endpoints for clinical trials intended to support marketing applications for drugs to treat PSC in both adults and children.  The workshop was well attended by all communities and very successful in examining the issues involved in establishing clinical trials from a patient, scientific, regulatory, medical, and industry perspectives.

Video of the workshop is now available to stream online. If you were unable to attend the workshop in person, or missed part of the live webcast, there are two ways to view the material. The AASLD website has posted the entire workshop in separate segments, which is easier to navigate, whereas the FDA website allows viewers to stream the workshop in its entirety.

Presentations explaining the patient perspective were made by Ricky Safer, CEO of PSC Partners, and Martine Walmsley, Chair of PSC Support in the UK, and can be found in Session III: Patient Experience. The workshop demonstrates the dynamic state of PSC research: as collaboration increases among stakeholders who search for a cure for PSC, the patient voice is more important now than ever before.  “Session 3: The Patient Experience” features the presentations by Ricky Safer and Martine Walmsley..