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ROADMAP Initiative Webinar -- Natural History 101: Power of the Patient Experience: The Basics of Natural History Registries

Thursday, February 24, 2022
6:00 pm7:30 pm

ROADMAP Initiative is an ongoing virtual event conducted by PSC Partners.

Whether you're a PSC Patient, Caregiver, Clinician, or Researcher, WE NEED YOUR VOICE!

Goals for Feb. 24th Webinar:

* Learn more about how patient data, like lab work and medical records, drive future research and drug development for PSC
* Discover how researchers and clinicians collect data
* Learn what it means to study the natural history of PSC
* Discuss how quality of life and patient-reported data are a critical component of PSC Natural History Registries
* Learn why your patient voice and participation in Natural History Registries are so important

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