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2022 Annual PSC Partners Conference Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect at the 2022 Annual PSC Partners Conference?

You can expect important conversations, exciting research updates, and renewed connection via our interactive, virtual platform. See the AGENDA for a rundown of what we have planned.

Who should attend the Conference?

PSC Patients, Caregivers, Parents, Family Members, Friends, Researchers, Clinicians, Industry Representatives

As with our in-person Conferences, attendees must be 13-years-of-age or older.

Do I need to register for the virtual conference?

YES. Registration Opens May 1st.

How much does the virtual Conference cost?

  • Patients and Caregivers: Suggested Registration Fee - $25
  • Fee for patients and caregivers who can’t cover the suggested fee - $0
  • Corporate and Community Sponsors - $0
  • Academic Researchers and Clinicians - $0
  • Non-Sponsor Industry Attendees - $150

On which days do you encourage attendance by researchers and clinicians?

On June 3rd and 4th, attendees can expect:

Will patients/caregivers have a chance to talk with PSC experts?

YES. Not only will there be time for post-presentation questions, we also have Meet the Professor and Think Tank sessions scheduled throughout the weekend. Collaboration between patients and researchers is a key focus of this virtual event.

Are international folks invited to the Conference?

YES. As always, we encourage folks from all over the world to attend our Conference. It’s even easier this year, because there are no passports involved, and you don’t have to book a plane ticket. We hope to have a large international contingent! The Conference will be in English. Translation services are up to individual attendees.

Are you asking people to sign up as Mentors?

YES. Although the Conference is virtual this year, there will still be lots of folks who need and would appreciate extra support. If you’ve attended at least one Conference, please sign up to be a Mentor. If you would like a Mentor, you can request that, as well. There is a spot on the registration form. We will have opportunities for Mentors and Mentees to connect during the Conference.

Will there be time to socialize, say hello to old friends, and meet new folks?

YES. During the weekend, we have set aside times for peer-to-peer conversation. Watch for details about a social gathering on June 2nd. Additionally, we’ve scheduled fun activities like Tai Chi and games. On the virtual platform, there are also Networking Lounges for attendees to gather for scheduled or spontaneous conversations.

Will young PSC patients have a chance to socialize with each other?

YES. We know how important it is for young PSC patients to spend time with others around their same age. We have set aside a Networking Lounge specifically for this group. Times will be posted, so this group of teens and young adults will know when others will be in the room. We are also working on a game night, as well. More information coming soon.

Do I have to attend the entire Conference?

NO. While we hope folks will come to most, if not all, of the sessions and events, we know that isn’t always possible. Please feel free to come to those virtual presentations and events that are of most interest to you. Conference fees, when applicable, will not be prorated for partial attendance.

Will the Conference be recorded?

YES. Presentations will be recorded and posted on our website and YouTube channel. Peer sessions, Meet the Professor activities, social events, and more will not be recorded. So, we hope you will plan to attend. Your voice and perspective is very important and can only be included if you are at the virtual event.

Will I be on camera?

There will be times during the weekend when your camera and microphone are operational. You can always turn off your camera and/or mute your microphone. It is up to you.

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