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PSC Partners Organizational Core Values

By embodying these core values, our organization aims to create a positive and purposeful work culture that aligns with our mission and helps us make a meaningful impact.

1. Mission-driven: We are dedicated to driving research for the identification of treatments and a cure for Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) while providing education and support for those impacted by this rare disease. Our approach is centered around patients and caregivers, valuing the PSC community’s needs and well-being as guiding principles in our decision-making process.

2. Community-focused: We strive to create a supportive and caring environment where relationships are nurtured, mutual support is given and received, and diverse perspectives are valued. We aim to ensure that no one affected by PSC ever feels lost and alone.

3. Inclusive: We embrace diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.  We actively foster an environment where all are welcomed, respected, and valued.

4. Collaborative: We work collaboratively within and outside the organization, engaging stakeholders to achieve common goals. We share ideas, practice teamwork, and promote a positive and compassionate dynamic to enhance effectiveness, productivity, and progress.

5. Innovative: We actively seek new and creative ways to advance our mission in education, support, and scientific research. We are open-minded, adaptable, and consistently strive to find inventive solutions that enhance our impact on the PSC community.

6. Ethical: Integrity is at the heart of everything we do for the benefit of our community, ensuring ethical conduct in all interactions with patients, caregivers, employees, donors, researchers, volunteers, and clinicians.

7. Accountable: We exercise stewardship in our operations, valuing every resource entrusted to us—whether time, finance, or effort. We act responsibly, thoughtfully, and prudently in our endeavors.  We safeguard patient privacy in all aspects of our work.

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