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PSC Videos

A woman stands behind a camera, while a young adult with a microphone interviews a man

Our Liver Love Story: A PSC Patient's Fight for Life

Our Liver Love Story follows Jessica Travis, a person living with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a rare liver disease, and Ian, Jessica's husband and caregiver, as they travel down a curvy road in search of a living liver donor to save Jessica's life. Niall McKay, Emmy-winning writer and editor, host of our Living with PSC Podcast, and liver transplant recipient himself, produced this moving, touching short film.

PSC Partners Canada's "What the Cell?!" Session Recordings

Patients, their families, clinicians, and scientists gathered recently for an important discussion about PSC. The PSC Partners Seeking a Cure What the Cell?! patient event took place on October 14 and 15, 2023, at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto, Canada. This event brought together all the stakeholders involved in the Chan Zuckerburg Initiative (CZI)-funded Patient-Partnered Collaborations (PPC) project focused on transcriptomically and functionally characterizing pediatric PSC. View session videos on the PSC Partners Canada YouTube channel or by clicking links below.

Click HERE to view a news release about this event.

PSC Partners Community Connections

Hosted by Rob Mottola

PSC Educational Videos

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PSC Partners has a monthly educational podcast. Click Here to check out our Living with PSC Podcast hosted by Niall McKay. 

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