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PSC Partners Mentor Program


The PSC Partners Mentor Program provides much-needed support for people whose lives have been impacted by primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC).

Volunteer to Be a Mentor!

We are in need of Mentors for our year-round, peer-to-peer support program. If you have attended at least one PSC Partners Conference and want to give back to the community by becoming a mentor, you can be a mentor and make a big difference in someone's life!

You can be a mentor if:

  • You have a desire to help another person with their PSC journey, and
  • You attended at least one PSC Partners Conference

Watch this video to hear a PSC patient talk about how important the PSC Partners Mentor Program has been for him.

Please fill out the form below. Even if you are already part of the PSC Partners Mentor Program and have been matched with someone, it would be helpful for you to fill out the form. Thank you!

If you are new to the Mentor Program, someone will contact you with the next steps, including training information to get you started.

Looking for a Mentor? Our mentee recruitment will begin soon! Add your email to our list to get up-to-date information about this program and more in our monthly e-newsletter The Duct. We also post information regularly on all of our social media pages.

Prospective Mentor Information
First Name
Last Name
I Identify As
What is Your Relationship to PSC?
Your Age Range, if you're a PSC patient, or the age range of the PSC patient for whom you are caring
Please let us know anything else that will help us ensure a beneficial mentor experience.

Thank you very much for applying to be a mentor!

We make every effort to match mentees with mentors from their peer group, and, if possible, close geographical location. Therefore, not everyone who applies as a mentor will be matched immediately. Please be patient as our Volunteer Mentor Program Coordinator works to make this program beneficial for everyone.

Send questions to

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