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PSC Healthcare Provider Map

Find a Healthcare Provider and/or Organization Near You!

The PSC U.S. Healthcare Provider Map below is designed to help patients and their caregivers identify nearby healthcare providers and organizations experienced in managing PSC. This map incorporates clinical and scientific activity across the nation to find medical providers and organizations who see PSC patients and who may also be involved in PSC research. (In the future, we hope to expand the map to search outside the U.S., as well.)


To expand map, click on the square at the top right of map. Find your desired location by zooming in or zooming out of the map with the + or - sign.  Click on the icon in the area you would like to find a Healthcare Organization (HCO) or Healthcare Provider (HCP). The HCO, along with its address, will be listed in the left margin. Any qualifying HCPs will also be listed in the left margin. 

Map Key

Green Star: Adult only

Blue Dot: Adult and Pediatric

Red "P": Pediatric only

PSC Partners is not endorsing or recommending any provider or organization on this map.


Healthcare Provider/Organization Map

Click on the button below to see a document containing a state-by-state list of the Providers and Healthcare Organizations included in the PSC Healthcare Provider Map.

If you as a healthcare provider or organization would like to request to be removed or be considered for inclusion on this map, email, or call 303-771-5227.

This map is a living document. We expect updates and changes, and that’s why we truly appreciate input from our community.

Read this response from PSC Partners about your concerns/edits/additions.

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