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Fundraising Proposal

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All fundraisers require prior approval from PSC Partners.

Fundraising Proposal Form

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Please use for Fundraising Events or Letter Writing Campaigns: Need to educate your audience about PSC?  Use the PSC Awareness VideoFaces of PSC Video and our PSCP Fundraising Flyer to describe PSC to potential donors and explain why we need to find a cure. More information is available on our PSC Awareness page.

Guidelines and Proposal Form for Fundraising Events & Letter Writing Campaigns

Thank you for your interest in holding a fundraiser to benefit PSC Partners Seeking a Cure! Fundraising is vital for the continued success of PSC Partners so we can enhance and expand our programs in pursuit of our mission to provide education and support to PSC patients, families and caregivers and to raise funds to research causes, treatments and cures for primary sclerosing cholangitis.

All fundraisers require prior approval from PSC Partners. To ensure that our name and reputation are affiliated only with legitimate and appropriate events, PSC Partners has adopted Fundraising Guidelines that must be followed for a fundraiser to be approved. Please remember that independent fundraisers are not PSC Partners’ sponsored events. Carefully read the Fundraising Guidelines BEFORE filling out the Fundraising Proposal Form below, and we will review your proposal as soon as possible.

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Paper Form

If you would like to submit your proposal by mail, please print and fill out a Fundraising Proposal Form.

Electronic Form

All fields are required. If portions of this form do not apply to your activity, please mark those sections as “N/A.” Please email us with any additional information, if necessary, to completely describe your proposed event or to completely answer any of these questions.

For any questions, please call us at 303.771.5227 or email us.

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If yes, please list
(please note if expected value is to exceed $250)
  • I have read and agree to adhere to the PSC Partners Fundraising Guidelines
  • I am authorized to sign this agreement on behalf of my company/business (if applicable).
  • I agree to submit email addresses of donors to PSC Partners for processing when possible. This information will not be shared.
  • Proceeds will be submitted to PSC Partners by check within 30 days of my event or in a letter campaign, as soon as possible.
  • All promotional and marketing materials bearing the PSC Partners logo or name will be submitted to PSC Partners and receive approval before distribution to the public.
  • In a letter writing campaign, a copy of my letter and all promotional materials bearing the PSC Partners logo will be submitted to PSC Partners and receive approval BEFORE distribution.*

Thank you for submitting your idea!

PSC Partners utilizes electronic contracts for the convenience of our campaign organizers. By signing and submitting this form electronically, campaign organizer intends and agrees to be bound by its terms. This form constitutes the entire agreement between PSC Partners and fundraiser and supersedes all previous agreements, whether oral or in writing. Modification of this form may occur only in writing, signed by both parties.

Fundraising Guidelines

We respectfully request that you adhere to the following guidelines when planning your fundraising activity, letter writing campaign or third-party event.

Complete and Submit a Proposal

Organizers and letter writers are asked to complete a printed or electronic Fundraising Proposal Form and return it to PSC Partners for approval. We will review all submissions and reply within 10 business days. No amendment, modification or waiver of any of the terms and conditions submitted will be valid unless in writing signed both by you and an authorized representative of PSC Partners. You agree that you will not assign, subcontract or in any way transfer any of the obligations, duties or responsibilities as accepted in your proposal without prior written permission and acceptance from PSC Partners.

Identify PSC Partners as the Beneficiary

PSC Partners may only be identified as the beneficiary of the event or letter writing campaign, rather than the event or campaign host or sponsor. For example, an event cannot be called a PSC Partners event; rather it must be called an event with proceeds benefiting PSC Partners. In a letter-writing campaign, a letter cannot be from PSC Partners; rather it must be called a campaign with proceeds benefiting PSC Partners.

Clearly State the Percentage of Proceeds Donated to PSC Partners When Promoting the Event or Letter Writing Campaign

For legal reasons, if PSC Partners is not receiving 100% of the fundraising proceeds, the public must be clearly informed in all promotional communications of the net amount that will be donated to PSC Partners. All letters and promotional materials must clearly state the exact percentage of the proceeds and/or the portion of the ticket price that will benefit PSC Partners. (ex: 75% of the proceeds to benefit PSC Partners or $5 of every ticket to benefit PSC Partners).

Provide Insurance, Licenses, Permits, Release and/or Waivers

The organization and execution of events are the sole responsibility of the independent event organizers. Event organizers are responsible for securing ALL necessary permits, licenses, games of chance licenses, liquor licensing and insurance where applicable. PSC Partners accepts no liability for any errors, omissions, penalties or fees incurred by the fundraising event. Event organizers agree to comply with all federal, state and local charitable solicitation statutes, regulations and ordinances that affect or apply to the fundraising activities authorized by this agreement.

Follow Logo and Correspondence Guidelines

Event-related publicity or promotions in which the PSC Partners name or logo is used on printed materials or online MUST be submitted to PSC Partners and receive our approval in advance of release to the public. PSC Partners will review and respond as soon as possible. The official PSC Partners logos may not be altered in any way and we reserve the right to refuse their use at any time. We also require that promotions and events using the PSC Partners official logos be used exclusively to solicit financial support as well as awareness of PSC Partners Seeking a Cure. When possible, please include the following contact information on all event materials: “For more information about PSC Partners Seeking a Cure, please email or go to”

Keep Complete and Accurate Financial Records

Event organizers are responsible for keeping complete financial records and bookkeeping with respect to all funds and donations collected in conjunction with the event. For a period of one year after your proceeds have been submitted to us, PSC Partners may, upon fifteen days prior notice to you, inspect and audit event financial records.

No Expenses to PSC Partners

PSC Partners will not incur any expenses or provide funds/sponsorship at any time before, during or after the event. We recommend independent event and third-party organizers to strive to maintain expenses at no more than 10% of the total event revenue.

No Tax Deductions Available Unless Donation is Submitted Directly to PSC Partners

A donation solicited on behalf of PSC Partners, either in-kind or cash, is tax deductible ONLY when it is made directly and entirely to PSC Partners. No goods or services may be received in return for your contribution, which is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Provide Detailed Sponsor and/or Donor Information

PSC Partners is legally required to receive a list of any donors/sponsors who are providing more than $250 in either financial or in-kind contributions so that we may acknowledge their generous support. Detailed sponsor/donor information includes the amount and type of payment in addition to the donor’s name, address and email.

Proceeds to PSC Partners

Event proceeds should be submitted to PSC Partners within 30 days from the date of event. Letter writing campaign proceeds should be submitted to PSC Partners in response to campaign appeals.

  • Checks for event proceeds or checks for appeals made in letters must be made payable to PSC Partners Seeking a Cure and mailed to our office at 6900 E. Belleview Ave., Suite 202 Greenwood Village, CO 80111. In the memo line of the check, please write the name of the event, or in the case of a letter writing campaign, the name of the letter writer and the donor’s email if available. This is the only way we can tie a donation to your event or to your letter writing campaign.
  • For a letter writing campaign, please tell donors not to send cash! Any cash that is donated in an event must be converted into a check by your event coordinator. In the memo line of the check, please write “Cash Donations” and the name of the event.
Send PSC Partners Collected Email Addresses

Forward donor email addresses for expedited processing and acknowledgement of donations. Email addresses will be used exclusively for the processing of donations and foundation updates only.

Inform PSC Partners About Media Coverage

PSC Partners must be informed and receive a copy of any media coverage of the fundraiser (TV, radio, press, internet, etc.).

For Letter Writing Campaigns Only
  • Submissions: All letter-writing campaigns must be approved by an authorized representative of PSC Partners BEFORE distribution. PSC Partners must receive a copy of the letter(s) to be sent in its (their) entirety. Distribution: PSC Partners must receive notice as to whether the letters are being sent to individuals, companies, local businesses or any other entities and must be notified about the means of distribution that will be used (snail mail, email).
  • Compliance: No alterations may be made to previously approved letters without resubmitting to PSC Partners and receiving approval of any and all changes before distribution. A new project proposal form will not be needed. Release and/or Waivers: PSC Partners accepts no liability for any errors, omissions, penalties or fees incurred by the letter writing campaign. Letter writers agree to comply with all federal, state and local charitable solicitation statutes, regulations and ordinances that affect or apply to the fundraising activities authorized by this agreement. Indemnification: Hosting organization, letter writers or individuals agree to indemnify, defend and hold PSC Partners harmless, including its directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from and against all suits, claims, demands, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising out of or relating in any way to your business and the fundraising activities authorized by this agreement with PSC Partners. In a letter-writing campaign, PSC Partners holds no liability for any statements or opinions asserted in the campaign letter.
  • Termination: Either PSC Partners or the hosting organization may terminate this agreement at either party’s convenience after providing notice to the other party. In the event of termination, all funds collected on behalf of PSC Partners will be remitted as stated above. After reading the contents of this document and the Frequently Asked Questions About Fundraising (see below), you will be ready to fill out the PSC Partners Fundraising Proposal Form.


Please contact us with any questions at 303.771.5227 or at

Please see the Fundraising FAQs for more information

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